Dr Emma Farrell - About [0.16 - 3.00]
Dr Áine Mahon - About [3.00 - 5.35]
Professor Paul Standish - Philosophy, mental health and education [6.20 - 23.42]
Dr Rob Grant - Publicly engaged philosophy [24.56 - 34.27]

Host: Dr Shane Bergin

"One way we've responded [to young people in distress] is to see education as a solution, education as a source of therapy, and so we have happiness classes, we have have ways to de-stress being taught to students, emotional self-management, life planning - things that seem, in many respects, very sensible but in fact alter the way in which a young person is encouraged to see their life. Not as something that gradually unfolds, but something that needs to mapped at every turn."

Prof Paul Standish

"There is an uncomfortable-ness that people have with facing towards difficult, complex, questions and I think if there is one thing that defines philosophical questions is that they are difficult, complex, ambiguous, subtle, nuanced, they generate contradiction and paradox - and this can leave people very frustrated."

Dr Rob Grant